International transportation of liquid cargoes in tank trucks

Ltd. "Legend" was established in 1997, is engaged in international cargo transportation since 2000. Our company is an active member of the Association of International Automobile Carriers "BAMAP".

With us - all of Europe and the CIS

Nowadays the company is one of the leaders in the transportation of bulk cargoes in tank trucks. We provide transportation of all types of liquid cargo, including dangerous goods (liquid) 3, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1, 6.2, 8 and 9 classes. Among our customers there are leading manufacturers of chemical and food products of the CIS countries and Europe, we also provide transportation in the Republic of Belarus. In our fleet we have multistage tanks that allow us to carry several cargoes at the same time. With the help of our equipment we can implement both the upper and lower loading and also do unloading under the pressure of self-contained compressor mounted on a vehicle. Our fleet is composed of specialized and technically advanced tanker trucks that allow transportation of any specific liquids.

Image and Partnership

During the work we have been able to balance the driving and technical staff. We also care about the image component and its activities, so the company has its own website cargo, where about us and our services, you can find detailed information. Thanks to the experienced guidance and constructive approach we have gained a lot of experience. We have established partnerships with many companies and manufacturers of chemical and food production - as with West, and with those who are registered in the CIS countries.

Representation in Bryansk

On the development of our company suggests the presence of Bryansk subsidiary - LLC "Yunekt - B". As the parent, it provides a full range of services (including selection of the client), has available for road transport transport any volume of liquid cargo.

We have calculated the best route on which delivery is carried out in the shortest possible time. The client receives an accurate calculation of the cost of transportation. Throughout her over the customer can be quiet for the cargo, as we carry out round the clock control of cargo delivered to the inlet and insure every shipment. Collaborate with partners in the EU that are registered and operate in the TIR-EPD, engaged in customs processing and dispatch.


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